Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cerita 3 ekor binatang

In a village, there live three friends, cow, chicken and a cat.. One day, these three friends hanging out together. They talk and talk..

Chicken : "I am envy of u cat, u are loved by humans. U are not being discriminated"

Cat : "Really? Are u?"

Chicken : "Yes! Just because I am a chicken, people only see me as an 'egg maker', but then they never know how i feel as a parent that sees every day my chicks are all gone before I can even see their face.."

Cat : "Oh, I know how it feels. As a parent too, I can't feel more sad to see my kittens are all sold in the pet store.."

The cow who at first quiet, suddenly cry.

Chicken :"hey, calm down.. What's the matter dude?"

Cow :"I experience more sorrow than u two. I feel u two."

Cat :" How?" (bewildered)

Cow : "As a breastfeeding animal who gives milk to human beings, none of them ever call me mother.. They however repay me by making me pieces of beef...UWAAAAAAAA..."

Cat & Chicken : &^%$#@

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